Cultivating students with a love of learning, wisdom, and virtue.

Is Covenant the school for you?

School is about more than just job preparation or workforce training; rather, education equips us to answer questions about who we are, why we are here, and how to embody the traits of a good and virtuous life.

Covenant School believes that the best way to pursue this noble vision for our students is through a Classical and Christ-Centered education.

We want to come alongside your family to prepare your child to live life well.

Almost everyone agrees that the modern American education system is flawed. Typical American students are:

  • Under-performing academically
  • More anxious, confused, and lonely than ever before
  • Increasingly ill-prepared to navigate adulthood

Classical Christian School alumni are more likely to:

  • Score higher on readiness exams like the SAT/ACT
  • Succeed in college and university
  • Participate in church
  • Maintain healthy families

Curriculum that encourages students to discover truth, delight in beauty, and grow in virtue.

What is classical Christian Education?

At Covenant School, we care just as much about who our students are becoming as what they are learning.

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How does Covenant partner with parents?

Parents of Covenant School students have realized that their children can experience something greater.

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What is our end goal?

We seek to cultivate our students to become people who grow into a life characterized by our portrait of the graduate.

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“Not only have we found what we were looking for when we first enrolled our oldest child, but we have found a place that endeavors to speak to the hearts of our children in addition to their minds.”

Ben & Cynthia Allan

Ready to take the next step?

Thousands of parents are embracing classical Christian K-12 schools because they can see the difference — parents who want their children to flourish in life, not just get by, and they want this for their children’s whole life, not just for college.


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