Accreditation and Affiliations

We’re part of a growing movement.

Thousands of parents across the world are embracing classical Christian education because they can see the difference — an educational movement that values the child as a whole person with a body, mind, and soul, preparing them to live life well.

As a result of parental searching, classical education schools became a sought-after solution for a significant number of families across the country. Between 2019 and 2023, 264 new classical schools were started. This occurred with an average 4.8% growth rate of new schools per year. In addition to the new classical schools launched during this period, existing classical schools experienced enrollment increases.

Arcadia Education forecasts that by 2035, 1.4 million K-12 students will be enrolled in a classical school.

Affiliations and Memberships

We don’t do what we do alone. We’re proud partner with the following organizations:

Association of Classical Christian Schools

Since 1995, Covenant School has been a member school of the Association of Classical Christian Schools (ACCS). Covenant School earned full accreditation from the ACCS in 2022, becoming  the only accredited classical Christian school in our region. The ACCS is the primary public advocate for classical Christian education, offering an extensive array of member services to help build distinctive schools.  The ACCS also provides accountability through their  accreditation standards.  The ACCS seeks to set an educational standard for a unified and directed approach to classical Christian learning.

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Society for Classical Learning

The Society for Classical Learning (SCL) is a network of experts who have spent nearly 30 years equipping hundreds of classical Christian schools around the world with the tools needed to thrive. From professional development to specialized workshops, their global membership network and online library of resources help grow schools successfully.

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Independent School Management

Independent School Management (ISM) began with a simple vision—to strengthen private independent schools by empowering school leaders who have dedicated their lives to helping children succeed. Founders Rod and Anne Snelling started with the creation of Ideas & Perspectives in 1975, an advisory periodical filled with best practices, insights, and resources. As new challenges arose in the community, ISM responded with options to help leaders navigate and overcome obstacles.

Today, ISM is a company of four divisions and nearly 25 departments still driven by the same mission—advance school leadership to enrich the student experience.

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Huntington Regional Chamber of Commerce

We love being in the state of West Virginia, and a part of the Huntington community in particular. As the region’s leading business advocate for over 130 years and a partner in economic development, the Huntington Regional Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit association that promotes a thriving business community in Cabell and Wayne counties by connecting people, places, and resources.

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Cedarville University

Located in southwest Ohio, Cedarville University is one of the largest Christian universities in the nation, offering more than 175 undergraduate and graduate programs to over 5,000 students. Cedarville is well regarded and known for its academic rigor and commitment to the Word of God, both intrinsic values that directly align with our school’s values and mission. Through our partnership with Cedarville, we are able to offer up to 36 college credit hours to our students by the time of graduation. Cedarville is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, and a student can transfer courses to any other college or university, should they decide to enroll elsewhere. For example, the Cedarville Politics and American Culture course (GSS 1100) directly equates to Marshall University’s American Government (PSC 104) or West Virginia University’s Introduction to American Government (POLS 102).

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Corporate Partnerships

We are thankful for the organizations who have support us, benefitting student programs like athletics, arts, trips, and more. Contributions also supported the school’s efforts to further develop student facilities.

While these partnerships directly benefit Covenant School, they also serve as a way to strengthen our school’s bonds with a variety of community organizations and businesses, a public profession of the adage, “it takes a village to raise a child.”

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