Although most Christian schools would agree on certain fundamentals, it is imperative that parents scrutinize a school’s philosophy of education before enrolling their child. A Christian education is inherently different from “public” or government education in many respects, but two major aspects stand out as perhaps the most significant: philosophy and curriculum content. The undergirding philosophy of Covenant School is a complete belief in and adherence to the Bible as God’s Word, applicable to all areas of life. This unique approach to education is characterized by the following important distinctives:

1. True knowledge is impossible without recognition of God (Proverbs 1:7; Romans 1:18-23). God, the Creator of heaven and earth, cannot be rightly separated from history, literature, mathematics, science, or any other academic discipline. God’s character is revealed not only in His Word, but also in every facet of the creation. The whole range and content of education must be centered on God and His Word, so that students develop a thoroughly biblical view of all of life. Therefore, we integrate the truth of Scripture into every aspect of the program.

2. Man’s chief purpose is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever (Psalm 73:25-28; I Corinthians 10:31). In His providence and goodness, God has bestowed on mankind the ability to explore, investigate, and discover truths about the universe in order to exercise dominion over it and to bring Him glory. Christian education must diligently strive to develop each individual’s God-given abilities so that they may be used to God’s glory. This applies to all members of the staff as well. Therefore, there will be no place for mediocrity in any part of the school program as we actively teach our students to give their best in all they do both in and out of the classroom. The aim of Covenant School is to achieve excellence throughout the educational program.

3. Parents are to bring up their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord (Deuteronomy 6:4-7; Ephesians 6:4). The primary responsibility for education rests not on the school or the Church or the State, but on the parents to whom children are entrusted by God. Covenant is seen as an extension of the family unit, rather than as an extension of the State (as government schools are), or even as an extension of the Church (as many other Christian schools are). Parents have a covenantal responsibility to provide for their children a distinctively Christian education; nevertheless, it is proper that parents should associate with others in this task and enlist the aid of other Christians, especially those with the gift of teaching. Our purpose is to assist parents in providing this type of education for their children. Therefore, we seek to teach and discipline in a manner consistent with the Bible and a godly home environment.

4. God wants us to love Him with our minds, as well as with our heart, soul, and strength (Matthew 22:37). Therefore, Covenant seeks to challenge children at all levels, teaching them how to learn through the centuries-old classical method (see Goals). The Christ-centered approach focuses on how to think biblically about every area of life. Above all, you can be confident that your child, at every stage of his academic development, will be loved with Christ’s love in Covenant School.


Covenant School strives to be Christ-centered:

  • Teach all subjects in the curriculum as parts of an integrated whole with the Scriptures at the center (2 Timothy 3:16-17).
  • Provide a clear model of the biblical Christian life through the school staff and board (Matthew 22:37-40).
  • Encourage every student to begin to develop a personal relationship with God the Father through Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:18-20; Matthew 19:13-15).

Covenant School strives to be CLASSICAL

  • Emphasize grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric in all subjects (see definitions below).
  • Encourage every student to develop a love for learning and to achieve his maximum academic potential.
  • Provide an orderly and secure atmosphere conducive to attaining the above goals.


  • Grammar: The fundamental rules and data of each subject.
  • Dialectic: The ordered relationship of particulars in each subject.
  • Rhetoric: The clear expression of the grammar and logic of each subject.

Before beginning the application process, please read these two important items to give you a clear picture of what Covenant School and classical, Christian education are about.

An overview of the application process:

  • If you wish, please contact our school and schedule a tour with our headmaster. Email Covenant School to set up a tour.
  • Fill out a new student application – available February 1.
  • Return completed application and $200 registration fee. Applications will be processed beginning February 1.
  • A representative from Covenant School will contact you to schedule placement testing for your child(ren) and an interview.
  • Student and family interviews
  • Covenant School will notify you in writing regarding acceptance.
  • Upon acceptance, financial arrangements are made regarding tuition.

Part of developing well-rounded students is encouraging them to participate in activities beyond the core classes. At Covenant School, we offer the following classroom programs to students:

  • Music (Grades K – 4)
  • Choir (Grades 5 – 12)
  • Band (Grades 5 – 12)
  • Art (Grades K – 6)
  • Latin (Grades 3 – 8)
  • PE (Grades K – 8)


  • Varsity Girls Volleyball
  • Varsity Girls Basketball
  • Varsity Boys Basketball
  • Middle School Girls Basketball
  • Middle School Boys Basketball

We also encourage following extra-curricular activities:

  • Chess Club
  • STEM Club
  • Other clubs (variety) offered on a rotating schedule
  • American Heritage Girls
  • Trail Life USA

Our tuition costs at Covenant School are based on 20 years of serving students in the Tri-State area. We know exactly what it costs us to educate a child each year and work hard to keep our costs as low as possible for you and your family.

Please click here for the Tuition Rate Sheet for the 2018-2019 school year.


We do not offer scholarships as we do not have wealthy donors supporting the school with donations dedicated to providing scholarships. We wish that were the case but it is not for most small classical Christian schools like ours.

FACTS Payment Planning

FACTS is the payment plan provider most widely used by private, faith-based, and public schools nationwide. Since 1986, they have grown to serve more than 5,000 schools and have processed payments for more than two million families. They help families like yours meet their financial obligations in a simple, convenient way that is completely confidential and secure. Because it is not a loan program, FACTS does not assess any interest or finance charges, and there is no credit check. The cost to use FACTS is $45 a year. Schools using FACTS report that the service provides a better way for them to more efficiently manage the fee collection process while offering convenience to their families. In addition to collecting payments, they provide the schools with a variety of financial and management reports. They also help schools control their costs so that future fee increases are kept at the lowest possible level. This enables schools to focus on the quality of education all students receive.

Enroll in FACTS Today


Come and see the difference at Covenant School. Take a tour with our Headmaster and allow us to introduce you to classical Christian education. We have access to fantastic facilities through the generosity of Christ Temple Church. You may meet some of our highly trained teachers and exceptionally polite students as you see first hand our classical teaching methods in action.

To schedule a tour, contact Mrs. Melody McSweeney or call her at 304-781-6741.


It is Time to Apply

If you’re ready to fill out a student application form, you can download that on this page.  Please make sure that before you complete it and submit it that you have talked with Dr. Craig Hefner prior to submitting.

Download your Student Application PDF document today!