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Covenant School closings due to bad weather may or may not correspond to those of the Cabell County schools.

You may check announcements on the school answering machine, school Facebook page, or Remind where we will update you as to whether school is opened, closed, on a two hour delay, or dismissing early. The following local radio and television stations will broadcast our closing due to bad weather: WSAZ (3) and WOWK (13) television. We will be identified as Covenant School. Please check school closings on the 7:00 a.m. T.V. broadcasts before bringing your child to school. We will consider delayed openings of two hours on some days in order to avoid closing all together.


The purpose of the uniform policy is to create an environment where the focus is on learning and developing Christian character. We believe that uniforms show respect for authority and self, help prepare students for the future and help create awareness of those around us.

Parents: Adhering to the uniform policy is ultimately your responsibility.

General Guidelines

  • Uniform requirements are in effect until the student leaves for the day.
  • Each morning, students should arrive at school already dressed according to the policy.
    Uniforms should be clean, neat and in good condition (no holes, tears, etc.).
  • All students are to keep their hair clean, well groomed, moderate in length and should avoid extreme styles or coloring. If in doubt, please contact the office prior to choosing a style or color. · Boys’ shirts must be tucked at all times. Belts are required for boys, grades 3-12 (not K-2).
  • On dress uniform days, ties must be worn until the end of the school day. · Girls who choose to wear make-up are expected to use moderation.
  • Girls’ jumpers, skirts, skorts and shorts must be worn no shorter than 2” above the knee. Shirts and pants should not be tight-fitting and should not reveal the midriff or backside during daily activities.
  • Girls who wear shirts un-tucked must tuck in any undershirts.
  • All under-shirts (boys and girls) must be white.
  • In colder weather, while in the classroom, students may wear sweaters, sweatshirts and fleeces, from the uniform policy only. Additionally, white long-sleeved polos, white t-shirts or white turtlenecks may be worn under uniform items for added comfort.

Download a PDF of the Covenant School Uniform Policy Manual.


As a parent at Covenant School you should become an expert on classical education.  This is important because people are going to ask you, “why” you send your child to Covenant?  We are a Christian School but there are a number of Christian schools in the area.  We are different and the difference is very important for you to understand and be able to articulate to your friends, family and co-workers.  To help you grow in your understanding, we ask parents to read the following books and articles and begin to internalize the philosophy and language used in Classical Education.  Students who are classically educated are trained to be lifelong learners.  The parents of our students are encouraged to model that behavior and become champions for classical education in our community.

3 Books to Better Understand Classical Education

Additional Books for Parents to Read

Articles on Classical Education