Portrait of the Graduate

We begin with the end in mind.

We believe that education is inherently formation, so it is our mission to form students to become persons with a love for learning, wisdom, virtue, who live a life characterized by our portrait of the graduate.

All our curriculum from kindergarten through graduation is designed with this goal in mind. Covenant aims to graduate men and women who:

  • Participate in a biblically faithful church.
  • Love and serve others in thought, word, and deed.
  • Love to discover truth, pursuing knowledge as the foundation for a good and happy life.
  • Affirm and order their lives according to a Gospel-centered moral order.
  • Delight in beauty, having been exposed to great aesthetic masterpieces at a young age.
  • Speak and write with clarity, eloquence, and persuasiveness.
  • Think logically, deeply, and charitably.
  • Learn from the great thinkers who came before them and integrate timeless ideas with present reality.

Because of my education at Covenant, I was given the resouces I needed and the skills I needed to speak truth. Through critical thinking skills and the ability to question the world around me, while also staying grounded in truth, I was able to establish a love relationship with the Creator of the universe.”

Skye Moody, Covenant Class of 2010

“I felt multiple steps ahead of my peers when it came to knowing how to think critically and how to ask the right kinds of questions, and I think one of the values of the classical Christian model is that these tools help you to develop empathy. I was more able to understand other people’s perspectives.”

Clint Wilson, Covenant Class of 2007

“That balance between professional relationships and mentorship and caring I saw at Covenant— being able to translate that to my work now has been really helpful and enriching for me.”

Karla do Vale, Covenant Class of 2011