Tuition and Fees

You may qualify for tuition assistance and other funding resources.

At Covenant School, we believe that a classical Christian education should be accessible.

Covenant School is committed to being a financially-inclusive community, reflective of the Christ-centered nature of our mission. We encourage any family who is concerned about their ability to afford a Covenant education to apply for Tuition Assistance.

Tuition Assistance and Financial Aid

Tuition Assistance is as much a service to the school as it is a service to the families who benefit directly from it. A well-funded, need-based Tuition Assistance program increases the number of qualified candidates who can join our community, and it strengthens every program in the school by including precious students whose families could not otherwise provide classical and Christian education for their children.

 For this reason, Covenant offers generous need-based Tuition Assistance to families. Tuition Assistance relies on a third-party company that considers a number of factors including total family income, number of students enrolled, and additional extenuating financial circumstance. Some Covenant families receive financial support through the Hope Scholarship or the Pre-Hope Student credit. If these do not apply to you and you are in need of assistance, please consider applying for Tuition Assistance.  

Covenant offers need-based Tuition Assistance to families dependent on a number of factors including total (gross) family income, the number of family members, the number of children enrolled at Covenant, and any additional extenuating financial circumstances. 

To apply for Tuition Assistance, click here.

Hope Scholarship is the state’s education savings account program that gives parents an opportunity to build an individual learning experience that works best for their child. The scholarship allows K-12 students to receive financial assistance that can be used for tuition, fees and other expenses.

To qualify for the Hope Scholarship Program in the 2022-2023 academic year, a student must be a West Virginia resident and be one of the following:

  • Eligible for or required to be enrolled in kindergarten
  • Enrolled full-time in public elementary or secondary school in West Virginia for an entire instructional term of the 2022-2023 academic year
  • Enrolled full-time and attending a public elementary or secondary school in West Virginia for at least 45 calendar days during the current instructional term at the time of application

For more information about the West Virginia Hope Scholarship Program, click here.

“We’ve found that the classical model with its trivium of grammar, logic, and rhetoric, coupled with a consistent Christian worldview is beautifully preparing our daughters. You will be hard-pressed to find another school that values the heart and the mind as effectively as Covenant does.”

Steve & Jennifer Wayne

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