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STARGRAM     4/6/20

 The ART of WORDS:


We will be working on Psalm 23 with our study of David’s life. The verse will be due on April 17. If you are ready before then you may Zoom me during my on line time or you may send a video.

Spelling List 17 will be tested on April 17. The list will be in your packet on Monday, April 6.     Spelling 17

 In Phonics, we will do four new ring cards this week.  I will introduce ending es, dipthong ou, dipthong ow, and sight word four. We will do some work on Zoom each morning.

We will teach the capital S and the capital G this week.  The worksheets are in your packet and the videos (S1 S2 G1 G2) will be available Monday on the new Covenant Online app.

Shurley Grammar will use Group 2 and 3 to learn about fragments and complete sentences. I have included the teacher pages to help you with instruction.

Reading plans are in your packets along with the books. We will schedule a time to listen to your child read next week. If you would like the next chapter book for optional reading, please let me know and I will include it in your packet.


Mrs. Roberts will have a new Math Mystery for Monday.  She will tell us about it on zoom. We will be working with solids and learning how to carry in addition.They are so excited to learn how to do this. We will review dozen, measuring, and counting money. We will be chanting and learning new songs and chants as well.


Field Trip: It breaks my heart that we won’t be able to do the field trips. I will take those who are interested in going this summer to the Coal Mine, Blennerhassett and Charleston. 


School wide Events




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