5th Grade News

This Week in Fifth Grade

March 16-March 20

The Art of Words

  • Bible- The Early Church, The Conversion of Saul
  • History- America’s Founding Fathers
  • Poetry- The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere
  • Science- Ocean Animals
  • Literature- Island of the Blue Dolphins
  • Spelling- Southwest Asia Countries
  • Pattern 3 Sentences, Indirect Objects, Punctuation and Capitalization rules, Friendly Letter, Business Letter
  •  Southwest Asia

The Art of Numbers

  • Fractions
  • Equivalent Fractions
  • Greatest Common Factor
  • Lowest Term Fractions



*Vocabulary Test- List 3- Island of the Blue Dolphins

*Map Quiz- Southwest Asia

Friday (3/20)-

*Apostles Creed


Colonial Days: April 9th @ 10:00 a.m.

Colonial Days is fast approaching!  

  1. All parts to the play and for sound-offs have been assigned.  Please help your child practice these daily.
  2. Students will need a costume for their character in the play.  Let me know if you have any questions. ( If you google images of the character it may help you get costume ideas. )  
  3. Following the presentation there will be a “cast party” in the cafe.  This is different than a feast and more casual.  Lara Franks will be contacting you about food.  Guests are welcome to stay for the party if they like.  Students will eat and hangout/ help with clean up.  Please RSVP to Lara Franks if you plan to eat with your student.  If you plan to just “hang out” and socialize, there is no need to RSVP.  Students are welcome to stay the remainder of the day or may go home after the cast party.


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