A Message from the Head of School (2024)

The 2023-2024 school year is a year to celebrate Covenant’s growth in maturity, stability, and faithfulness to our mission. Covenant now owns its own land, we graduated our 100th alum, and we are about to begin our 30th year as a school. We have much to celebrate and give thanks to God for the ways he continues to bless this school and our community.

Last year Covenant began planning for its long-term future by finding a beautiful piece of land we wanted to call our home. We end this year owning that land, and we have made real progress on architectural and engineering work to figure out how to make that vision possible. I am personally thankful to so many who have given time, resources, and prayer to this project.  We all know how difficult this process will be, but I continue to look forward to the surprising ways that God blesses this school’s efforts to build a beautiful campus on that hill.

We continue to see promising growth in new families and students at our school. Covenant has grown from 162 students in 2018 to at least 280 enrolled for this upcoming school year. The Hope Scholarship exaggerates and intensifies this growth by making Covenant accessible to West Virginia in ways and at a level that has never been possible. In a state that routinely scores at the very the bottom in K-12 education, we have a profound opportunity and a duty to offer up the absolute best in Christian education to our community. We continue to feel the pressure of this growth on our facilities, but we are always delighted to invite so many new families to our school each year.

Covenant took on a number of important initiatives this year. We added Scholar’s Studio, which offers high quality academic support to students K-12. We received full-accreditation for five years with the ACCS, and we launched our own ACCS-approved teacher certification program. We also began a new partnership with Cedarville University whereby our graduates can earn up to 36 college credits by simply taking the classes already offered at Covenant. We completed more room renovations, continued to improve the aesthetic quality of every classroom and hallway, and we built an additional classroom to expand an additional section of 1st grade. 

I give thanks to God for a school community with so much to celebrate, and I’m grateful to our community of parents, students, donors, teachers, and staff who make all of this possible.

Craig Hefner

Head of School


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