A Message from the Board Chairman: Annual Report 2020


God is always in control of every situation.  We see God’s work every day at Covenant School.  Over the last few years, He has provided everything the school needs – strong leadership, excellent staff, financial resources, great partnerships and you.

The COVID 19 scare that hit the nation and the world made the end of our school this year very different.  Our teachers and staff adapted, and by all accounts we delivered continued education right up to the end of the school year.  The impact of the pandemic is going to have a long-term impact on education.  I encourage you to read Dr. Hefner’s article that was published in the Herald-Dispatch.

Even in the midst of this international pandemic, we are seeing good things at Covenant School.  I want to draw your attention to the following:

  • We are building an addition onto Christ Temple’s building. This will ultimately provide at least three new classrooms for us to use.
  • We are seeing excellent retention rates with current students for next year and are also seeing a good number of new students coming to us in both Kindergarten and other grades.

As we thank God for this success, we should also point out that our friends at Christ Temple continue to bless us with their generosity and commitment to see excellent Christian education take place in Huntington.  Their gift of their facilities is a tremendous blessing.  For that we are exceptionally grateful.

Thank you for trusting your children’s education to the teachers at Covenant School.  Our goal is to help them develop a strong Christian world view and graduate ready to stand for Christ in a world that continues to move farther and farther away from the principles of God.  Note: If you haven’t read the school’s profile of a graduate, I really encourage you to read it and meditate on it and pray those things for your child.

May God bless you this summer and continue to bless our school for many years to come!


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