A Message from the Board of Directors

Dear Covenant Parent,

Welcome to 2021!  I have some GREAT news to share with you….

One of the things the Board of Directors is responsible for is the financial integrity of the school.  Over the last few years, we have raised tuition significantly to get the school’s income on pace with inflation and more recently to cover the cost of a building expansion. We have finally managed to achieve this goal. For those of you who are interested in graphs and numbers, you can see from the following chart that we recently caught up to the standard rate of inflation from 2010 with just enough to also cover the cost of our building expansion in 2020.

The results of this work and the increasing number of students at the school have allowed us to level out the school’s finances, build a cash reserve, and cover the cost of a three-room expansion. These are firsts in the school’s 25-year history!

Our next financial goals are to build the cash reserve to 20% of our annual budget, make our teacher salaries more competitive, and secure enough capital so that the physical limitations of our school never impair our ability to grow the number of students in our care. I would invite you to read again our 5-year strategic plan to see more details on these and other goals of the school.

Because the school is in a relatively stable financial position and because of the uncertainties and challenges we all have faced due to of the continued pandemic, the Board of Directors has elected to freeze tuition for this upcoming year. 

Tuition will remain $5,800 a year with a $200 registration fee. Tuition assistance will also continue to be made available to families who qualify.

We request that when re-enrollment packets are made available to you next week you would register as soon as possible because it allows us to plan and properly budget for the next school year.

I hope this is good news for you and your family!  The Board appreciates you and the financial sacrifices you make to keep classical Christian education a priority. We pray that you will stay with us through the whole classical curriculum of grammar, logic, and rhetoric, as we remain committed to our mission to cultivate students with a love of learning, wisdom, and virtue.

Thank you and may God bless and keep you and your family during these uncertain times.

Bradley Burck 
Chair of the Board

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