Sixth Grade Web Note


May 18-22

Coming Up:

 Zoom meeting at 8:00 a.m. each day.

See Friday (May 15) afternoon email for information about the last week of school.


Packet Week: 2 White Fang paragraphs and history worksheet

Online Week 1: grammar worksheet 212

Online Week 2: cell model, White Fang project, cell test, vocabulary quiz, math quiz, grammar worksheet 219

Online Week 3: White Fang cinquian, math worksheet 181

Online Week 4: quatrain poem, grammar worksheet 189,

math worksheet 186, African country research paper

Online Week 5: grammar worksheets 196 and 231, math worksheet 191

Online Week 6: grammar worksheet 236, math worksheet 196, history events and dates test

Portfolios will be turned in Monday-Wednesday on the day your family signed up for book return and locker/desk clean out.

There will be no Monday packet pick up.


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