Week of September 2

This Week in Fifth Grade

The Art of Numbers:

  • Place Value
  • Roman Numerals
  • Comparing and Ordering Numbers

The Art of Words:

  • Bible- Memory Verse-  Hebrews 11: 1, 16 (Students will recite by September 13 and may say anytime before then (We will be discussing Gideon, Saul, and types of writing in the “Books of History”
  • Spelling list 3- Test September6
  • History focus- The Spanish Explorers (This will not be tested)
  • Grammar- Identifying and labelling pattern one sentences
  • Literature- Caddie Woodlawn (The class has loved this book!)
  • Science- Plant reproduction, parts of a flower, seeds, spores, and cones
  • Writing- We will review 5 point paragraphs


  • Vocabulary List 2- Caddie Woodlawn, Wednesday September 4
  • Spelling List 2- Friday, September 6


Over the next few weeks we will be collecting items for a gift basket for the men and women of the Huntington Police Department.  Please start sending in goodies for the basket now.  I am waiting to hear back from HPD on a day we can deliver it and take a tour.  Its always a GREAT field trip!

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